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How to Order

The product that I ordered hasn't been delivered.
Unless you have chosen the Collect payment, the product will be sent only when the payment has been made, or has been approved.
If you have made the payment already and still haven't received the product yet, please email us (info@maricca.jp).
You could also see your status from the "Order Status" page located at the lower part of our website.
Could you place an order by phone?
We are very sorry, but we do not accept order by phone. Maricca only accepts order through online.
Can you buy Maricca in stores?
We are very sorry, but Maricca is only purchasable online.
We will announce through online, when there is any changes made.
Could you order from overseas?
You could order online from overseas but right now we do not deliver to addresses overseas yet.We will announce online when we are ready to deliver overseas.
I am not receiving any emails after I placed an order. Is this normal?
When an order is placed we automatically sent an email to the email address you had typed in when you placed the order. If you do not receive this email please check your status at the "Order Status" page.
※【Order Status
If everything is typed correctly in the Order Status page, even if you do not receive the email, your order has been placed properly.
※If you are rejecting emails from unknown addresses you will not be receiving our emails.
Can I order by email?
We are very sorry but we do not accept orders by email.
Maricca is only purchasable in online shop.

About delivery

delivery charge

Do we have to pay for delivery?
If the total is below 10,000 yen (Without Tax) 500 (Without Tax) yen delivery fee is charged but if your address is Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushuu, Okinawa, and other island areas your delivery fee will be 1,000 (Without Tax) yen.

Questions about delivery

The product that I ordered hasn't been delivered yet. What's the status now?
The product that I ordered hasn't been delivered yet. What's the status now? Please consult "Order Status" on the lower section of the website and to see your current status. Usually it takes 4 to 10 days after shipment to arrive. If it seems to be late please contact info@maricca.jp with your "Order Number".
Can you choose the delivery date?
*Sorry you can't choose the date.
How will it be delivered?
The product will be delivered by YAMATO UNYU TAKKYUBIN.

Delivery time.

How long after I place the order will the product arrive?
It will be delivered within 7 to 10 days after the order has been made.We will send you the order receipt via email right after the order has been made.After that we will send you an email telling you that the package has been dispatched.
Will you send the product to address other than the address that I have registered?
You could choose whether you would like your delivery made to the address you registered or to a different address.


How can I pay for the product.
You could choose from Bank transfer, Collect on Delivery or Credit.
Please choose how you wish to pay when you select the payment method.
Collect on Delivery means that you pay product price on delivery.

If you select Bank transfer, please make the payment within 5 days after you place the order.
ordinary 0078511
SK Enterprise Inc.

Will there be remmittance fee?
Please pay for the C.O.D. fee according to the list below. Please pay for the bank transfer fee.
Cash on delivery commission(Without Tax)
〜10,000yen 300yen
10,000yen~30,000yen 400yen
30,000yen~100,000yen 600yen
100,000yen~300,000yen  1,000yen
Is purchasing with credit card online, and internet banking safe?
We "Maricca Online Shop" acquire the Secure Server ID
Customer information is securely protected by an encoding technology called SSL(Secure Socket Layer).
I want a receipt. How could I get it?
If you would like a receipt with the name please write "receipt wanted" and also write the name you want it to be headed.
We would issue it as requested.

Cancellation, return, exchange

Could we cancel once you had placed the order?
Unless we had arranged the shipment yet you can cancel the order.
Please contact by contact form. If the contact was made during the weekends we will answer back on a weekday.

Please contact by contact form. If the contact was made during the weekends we will answer back on a weekday.
I would like to return or change the product.
We are taking all the precaution possible but if there is any problem during the delivery we will change your product as soon as possible.If the reason of returning is on your behalf, we will accept the return only when it is unopened. Please contact us within 8 days after the delivery has been made.The return delivery fee will be paid on your behalf.
There was something wrong with the product.
We are taking every precautions for the product quality management, but in case there was some problem with the product we will immediately exchange the product.The return delivery fee will be paid on our behalf.Please contact us by the contact form.
The product that I received is different from what I had expected.
Please return the product to us and reorder the product that you had wished for.The return delivery fee will be paid on your behalf.If you had already paid for the product, we will pay you back after the product has been returned to us.We will not accept any payment using the differences.
I would like to return it although I had opened the package.
I am very sorry but we do not accept opened products to be returned on your behalf. It will be only accepted when unopened and returned within 8 days of the delivery date.

Signing up for Membership

About Maricca Online Membership

What is the merit of joining the Maricca Online Membership
When You join our Maricca Online Membership (free of charge. No entering fee, or Annual fee.) there will be the merits listed below.
Please sign up.

1. On signing up you will receive a 500yen point present.
 The point is usable within 1 year. *You can use these points only once.

2.Special members only sale and present campaigns.

3.Shopping will be easy and smooth. You don't have to type in your name and address every time you shop if you had signed up for the membership once.
I had forgotten the ID or the password.
If you had forgotten your password please go to the lower left hand side of the website "order reference" and go to "those who had forgotten the password" and register for a new password.
*Please be sure to remember your password, it is needed to manage your information.
I want to change my information.
If you wish to change your address, name, phone number, please go to "Members" on the top left corner of the website and register from "to change customer information".
Can I register free mail account as my email address?
Yes, it is possible. However we will not be responsible for the inconvenience that will occur account to the fact that you are using free mail address. We do advice that if you have a regular email account, you would use that instead.
Also if you have a Yahoo!JAPAN or MSN JAPAN free email account, there is a high possibility that our emails are sent straight to bulk mail. Please make sure that you set it up so that it will be properly received.
I would like to leave the membership.
Please send us an email to info@maricca.jp with your name the reason of leaving the membership.


Point Service

What is Point Service?
It is a special advantage for the Maricca Online membership member only.
You will be able to get points worth 5% of the purchase price every time you shop in Maricca Online Shop.
1pt is worth 1 yen, and you will be able to use it for your next shopping at our shop.
You could use it from 1pt.
Point members only The points will be 5% of the purchase price without tax.

*The points will expire in an year from the purchase date.

*If you do not use the points within the year the points will expire.
*The points are for your use only. You may not give your points to people other than yourself.
*Points are not cashable.


Security, System Requirements

What is the recommended browser?
We recommend the latest browser, after Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0(win). You can use other browsers and safari of MAC OS X but there may be some parts that wouldn't come out correctly. 。
I can't seem to go to the next page, please assist.
In Maricca Online Store we use SSL in order to provide high security service. For that reason if your computer is set up a certain way you may not be able to access the pages using SSL. Please follow the instructions below.

[For Windows Users]
1. Select [Tools]> [Internet Option] in the menu bar of the browser.
2. Select [Advanced] Tab.
3. Check [use SSL 2.0] and [use SSL 3.0] buttons in Security menu. Click 'OK'.
What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small files which contain the stored history and what you have inputed into your computer. By disabling cookies in the options settings, you can block cookies from being stored on your computer. After selecting this option, you will receive a notification window.

About the product

What is placenta?
It is an organ which is inevitable for the Embryo to grow.
Placenta is abundant of nutrition and growth factoer which helps cell division.
It helps support the revival of each cell and it helps and adjusts the metabolism and balances the hormones. It is highly valued recently for anti-aging ingredient.
What can I expect for taking placenta regularly?
[Placenta's effect in general.]
Placenta includes abundant protein, collagen,
hyaluronic acid, and many growth factors that helps the cells to revive. It works directly to skins revival power and produces power to keep in shape.It is also said to be effective for poor health coming from malfunctioning of the hormons, and menopausal disorders, liver disfunction.
I am worried about the side effects.
If you are allergic to pork, or protein or any other ingredients that are included in our drink please consult your doctor before taking.
It says 1 bottle a day, but would it be too much if I took more than 1 a day.
It is not a medicine so you may take more than one a day. Please take it considering your life style and diet. 1 per day is calculated from the calories and other ingredient basic intake.
Can I take it with other health products?
There is no restrictions for taking it together with other products.
What is the best before date?
It is 18 month.
Is there any essence added?
No Synthesis essence is added.
Is there any colorings added?
No synthesis colorings added.
What placenta is used and is it safe?
In general the placenta products sold in the market such as the tablets and drinks pig placenta is used. There are also placentas other than the SPF pork placenta that we us, such as non SPF pork placenta and horse placenta.There is no report in the difference of the effect for each placenta, but to be using the SPF pork that is completely traceable, we could say our product is safe.
Is there any age restriction for taking this product?
No it is not a medicine so there is no age restriction.Children can take it without any problems but Maricca is produced as an anti-aging beauty product so it is recommended for adults.
I would like to know the ingredients.
[Nutrition Ingredients per bottle (50ml) ]calories 26kcal, protein 0.4g, Fat 0g, Carbohydrate6.0g, Sodium 0~20mg, Vitamin E 8mg(100%*), Placenta extract 10,000mg
*The percentage of how much nutrition needed per day.
Can children take placenta?
Our product uses honey so please avoid giving them to children under the age 1.Also although it is safe it is not made for children, so if you would like to give them to children please consult the doctor or email us for further information (info@maricca.jp)