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How to Shop

Please refer to the instructions below.

1.Putting the product in the shopping cart.

Click the "Add to Cart" button at the product lineup page. The page will change to contents check page. If you wish to add more to the shopping cart please click the "Continue Shopping" button.

2.Check the quantity and the price

If you wish to buy more than 1 of each product, you can click the arrow next to the quantity(¢¤add¢¦less) and click "recalculate" button.

When you know how many you want, you can click "Go to Order Page"

3.Customer information

¡üCustomers who is already a member
If you have already signed up for the membership, simply type in you member ID and password and click the "Login" button.

¡üCustomers who is not a member
Please sign up for the membership. You could also purchase the product without becoming a member by typing in your information each time you want to purchase the product. Once you become a member you can purchase without typing in your information every time. To become a member please read the terms and condition and type in as instructed.

4.Please chose where to send the product

Choose from "Same as Customer Information", "Choose from Former Sender Information" or "Type in New Sender Information" and type in as instructed.

5.Please select how you wish to pay

Check your price and chose which payment method you would like to choose. Bank transfer, credit, or Collect (payment made on delivery).

6.Finalizing the Order

Please check the contents of the order you have placed and click "Finalize the Order" button once. It might take a while for the page to change.

If you wish to change the contents of the order, please click on the "Change the Contents" button. You could see from the Sending Address.


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