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Maricca is particular about 1 Where the pig was born and brought up. Maricca SPF pork

Where the pig was born and brought up. Maricca SPF pork

We believe that placenta will only be effective when it is proven it' s safety.But the reality is that there are almost no company that manages and takes care of their own placentas. We have a contract with a SPF pig authorized farm for exclusive use of the placenta, and only use the placenta that we are absolutely sure of it' s safety.

The sterile pig bred at an exclusive authorized farm (SPF pork)

Maricca SPF pig authorized farm
(Towadashi Aomori)

We only use the placenta of Maricca SPF pig * raised under a strict management at the exclusive authorized farm. A SPF pig authorized farm is only granted when 1. neither a house nor a hoggery is nearby, and 2. it is authorized by the severe regulation of taking a shower when entering the farm.

*Health assured pig raised under strict management farm, which is not under any influence of specific disease germ.

Medicine additive-free feed

Disuse of medical treatment chemicals, antibiotic and transgenic grain. Pasteurized by heat. Maricca SPF pig is raised only with the carefully selected quality feed.

Absolute traceability

Maricca SPF pig adopts the traceability system by using production control number. By this you will be able to know where and how the pig was raised. In other words you will clearly know the source of the ingredient.